Honor Flight, Inc. and affiliated hubs in the national Honor Flight Network are private, not-for-profit organizations created solely to honor America’s Veterans for their many sacrifices.

Visit the national Honor Flight Network for more information.

It is Urgent!

Our honored heroes travel absolutely free

MISSION STATEMENT:Honor America’s veterans by transporting them to Washington, D.C. to visit the national memorials dedicated to their service and sacrifice.

GOAL: Help every single war veteran in the greater Syracuse area, willing and capable, to obtain a flight (or a bus-trip) to visit THEIR memorial at NO COST to them.

PRIORITY: Top priority is given to America’s most senior-citizen heroes – veterans of World War-II and any war veteran with a terminal illness. Additionally, the program has begun our outreach to Korean War and Vietnam War veterans. In the future, veterans of other conflicts will be served on a chronological basis.

MOTTO: “We can’t all be heroes. Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by.” — Will Rogers

Honor Flight Syracuse has embarked on an ambitious plan to fly up to four missions each year to serve Veterans from the greater Syracuse area, Northern New York State, and the Mohawk Valley. We exist to express our deep and undying gratitude to the service men and women who served and sacrificed for America.

In May 2012, Syracuse became an official hub in the Honor Flight Network. Since then our founding board and core group of volunteers have been actively engaged in building a viable organization to provide travel opportunity to hundreds, rather than handfuls, of veterans residing in the greater Syracuse community.

Mission #001
Completed: Oct. 6, 2012
Mission #002
Completed: Oct. 5, 2013
Mission #003
Completed: Apr. 5, 2014
Mission #004
Completed: Oct. 4, 2014
Mission #005
Completed: Apr. 25, 2015
Mission #006
Completed: Oct. 3, 2015
Mission #007
Completed: Apr. 30, 2016
Mission #008
Completed: Oct 1, 2016
Mission #009
Completed: Apr. 29, 2017
Planned: Sept 30, 2017
Unfortunately veterans cannot choose what flight they will travel on due to medical and logistic issues associated with the flight process. We also encourage veterans from the Rochester and Buffalo area's to visit and register with their local Honor Flight hubs before registering with Syracuse Honor Flight.