"We fly Central NY heroes to Washington, DC to visit and reflect together at their memorials."

Honoring American Veterans

The Mission of Honor Flight is More Than Timely...

It is Urgent!

Our Next Honor Flight is in:


To travel as a WWII Veteran, Click Here To Make a Donation To Honor Flight To view our Mission Photos, Click Here If you wish to Volunteer or Sponsor

HFS serves ten counties in the greater Central NY area, and we're one of 130 Regional Hubs in the National Honor Flight Network. Across America we lose nearly 1,000 World War II & Korean War Vets a day! Time is running out to THANK the Greatest Generation!

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Honoring Veterans

We fly Central NY heroes to Washington, DC to visit and reflect together at their memorials.

In accordance with Honor Flight policy, priority order for each mission is given to WWII veterans, Korean War veterans and terminally ill veterans from any era. In the future, Honor Flight will be expanded to include Veterans of the Vietnam War and other conflicts. Our goal is to take every veteran who otherwise would not or could not go, and who wants to fly.

Veterans typically fly in the order their applications are received. Medical priorities are the exception.

Our flying season is from April to October each year. We are accepting applications for upcoming Honor Flight Syracuse missions. Veteran applications are prioritized in the order in which they are received, except in extraordinary circumstances. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions for details.

Honor Flight Syracuse

Mission #013
Planned: April 27, 2019
Mission #012
Completed: Sept 29, 2018
Mission #011
Completed: Apr. 28, 2018
Mission #010
Completed: Sep. 30, 2017
Mission #009
Completed: Apr. 29, 2017
Mission #008
Completed: Oct. 1, 2016
Mission #007
Completed: Apr. 30, 2016
Mission #006
Completed: Oct. 3, 2015
Mission #005
Completed: Apr. 25, 2015
Mission #004
Completed: Oct. 4, 2014
Mission #003
Completed: Apr. 5, 2014
Mission #002
Completed: Oct. 5, 2013
Mission #001
Completed: Oct. 6, 2012
Unfortunately veterans cannot choose what flight they will travel on due to medical and logistic issues associated with the flight process. We also encourage veterans from the Rochester and Buffalo area's to visit and register with their local Honor Flight hubs before registering with Syracuse Honor Flight.

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Attn M12 vets, guardians, volunteers, and families! The Mission 12 video is now live! Many thanks to Jason Wasulko from SRC, Inc. for your amazing work. Check it out at youtu.be/iX-NjLUhP2Iyoutube.com ... See MoreSee Less

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Beautiful video but I was sorry to see that the efforts of the ThreadBears Quilters Guild was not mentioned and the great effort of making all of the quilts was passed by.

Beautifully done!! Thank you so much for capturing these wonderful memories!

Simply spectacular! I get choked up each and every time!

Great job as always Jason! Such wonderful memories!🇺🇸

Great video. Thank you for honoring our vets

Beautiful video Jason!

Fantastic job Jason!

Great job Jason!!

Beautiful job Jason Wasulko. It was an honor to volunteer.


Well done!


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One of the amazing things about Honor Flight is how it connects our veterans, their histories and stories and experiences, with the younger generations. We must always remember, honor, and learn from what our heroes have to share. ... See MoreSee Less

One of the amazing things about Honor Flight is how it connects our veterans, their histories and stories and experiences, with the younger generations. We must always remember, honor, and learn from what our heroes have to share.


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Thank you for all your hard work and all that you do to support our Veterans 🇱🇷

Good morning friends! Our posts this week have been all about the veterans so now that the chaos has settled on the mission we want to take a moment to recognize those who made the mission possible - our volunteers!! Packing bags, moving wheelchairs, hanging signs, up at 330 am to direct traffic and move cars, escorting veterans, welcoming guests, before and after mission day helping to get organized, move boxes and now clean up and put everything back - and always with a smile and a kind word for our veterans - Thank You!!! Without you, Honor Flight would not exist. You all are awesome and I hope everyone enjoys some rest and relaxation today! ... See MoreSee Less


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It was an honor to be able to participate as a volunteer. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of such an amazing day.

an amazing experience for my Father. an exhausting day for me as his Guardian. what a wonderful job by all those volunteers. they thought of everything and made the process seamless. thank you one and all!

Thank you so much volunteers and staff! I have never met such a wonderful, cheerful, organized, caring group of people! My dad and I had an amazing day, more than I could have imagined...I hope that I can volunteer in the future to make someone as happy as you made him!

Outstanding job all! Thank you for your service and commitment to this great program!!

Thank you Volunteers! Kudos to the HF staff that runs this organization all year long and goes on the flight! It’s a long day but you never see any one with out a smile! 🇺🇸♥️

Fantastic job by all the volunteers!!! Excellent planning and execution in honoring those who served!

Congratulations on your successful mission! You are doing wonderful things for these wonderful veterans! Thank you!

Thank you to all the volunteers! The trip wouldn’t be as seamless without your dedication.

Thank you for all you did...it was an incredible day!

Maybe someday I'll get to go ...

They are awsome.Thank you

Thank you to all the volunteers for making memories for the Veterans that they will cherish for the rest of their days!

God Bless you all!

It was a remarkable event to be a part of.Thank you for such a wonderful time to be part of honoring our veterans.I am looking forward to the April mission to help out.

Kudos to all those organizing this amazing trip! I am in awe at the attention to every detail. It is mind boggling. Our trip to Washington DC yesterday was beyond any expectation I as a guardian or my father in law could have had. Because of your careful planning and sticking to the schedule, we were able to surprise my father in law with visits from his daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren upon arrival to DC! Thank you for providing such an amazing experience!!

You can sign up and get the paperwork at the VA Marty. My Dad went in the spring and they were taking Korean plus WW 2 vets but he was told also Vietnam Nam vets were being accepted. I would check into it. Dad had a wonderful time.

Such an amazing event and organization to be a part of! I am truly humbled by the Veterans and their words, their families and friends who came out to support them and all the rest of the volunteers that helped make wonderful memories for these honorable men and women. They are my motivation and my passion. I will not stop my comitment until every Veteran has had the chance to experience this. They are our heroes and they are everywhere - look for them and thank them - they deserve it!!

This is amazing

It was an honor to volunteer & attend this event. It was a very moving experience & I thank you for allowing my daughter & I to help out.

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