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Board Member, Co-Founder

John Paddock, Jr.

Rear Admiral John J. Paddock, U.S. Navy (retired) became familiar with Honor Flight when Mr. Randy Flath, HFS President and Co-founder, presented the concept to a group of civic individuals at a Rotary luncheon. Impressed by Mr. Flath’s enthusiasm and vision, he joined with Mr. Flath to launch this valued program and resource for the Central NY military veteran community, serving as HFS vice president and co-founder.

Admiral Paddock works to ensure the stability and growth of Honor Flight Syracuse by focusing on policies and procedures to set a path for the future. His vision helped Honor Flight grow to what HFS has become today, and set the organization on a path to success. Initially, he coordinated each Mission’s Welcome Home ceremonies. He now focuses on HFS governance and leads the team which compiles the military biographies of HFS Mission veterans to highlight their many contributions to provide the security and freedoms enjoyed today by not only U.S. citizens but many others throughout the world.

Rear Admiral Paddock spent thirty-seven years active and inactive duty with the U.S. Navy and the Navy Reserve. He served in Joint and Combined Joint posts and operations with all US military branches and with allied forces in NATO. In addition to his years of service to this country, he had a parallel career in the industry with General Electric and Lockheed Martin. He also is President and Owner of Advance Concept Consulting, LLC. He is an alumnus of Syracuse University and Naval Postgraduate School.
Admiral Paddock lives in Skaneateles with his wife, Sharon.

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