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Veteran Mission Log

Help capture and document your Veteran’s memories – they will come flooding back during the mission!

Ask your vet for permission to collect stories and memories as a service to:

  • Help them remember the day
  • Record their detailed memories to honor their service & sacrifices
  • Find and preserve “lost treasure”

Use a “Reporter’s Notepad”

  • Capture the military “lingo”
  • Keep a rolling log of all events
  • Update it on the spot at each stop

Should your Vet wish to share their stories with others:

Create a “Top Secret Mission Log”

  • Record of the day created for the personal use of veteran and the veteran’s family—pictures, words, souvenirs, etc.
  • Sample provided with permission, courtesy of Chet B., US Army Paratrooper, WW-II, Mission#001 Alumnus; provided for HFS veterans and family only
  • Download the sample:

    Download Now

Contribute to the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project

  • Stories told through audio, video and written narratives, correspondence, visual materials
  • Complete the Field Kit and submit to the Library of Congress
  • Learn more about the project and how to participate:

    Learn More

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