Honor Flight Syracuse to Hold “Flags Of Our Heroes” Ceremony Honoring 70 Veterans and their Families with Posthumous Tribute

SYRACUSE, NY — Nearly 70 deceased veterans and their families are set to receive special
recognition from Honor Flight Syracuse on Sunday, November 14, 2021 at 1 PM at the Onondaga
County War Memorial and its “Flags of Our Heroes” memorial tribute.
“The Flags of Our Heroes Program enables us to show the respect so richly deserved to our
deceased veterans and their families,” said Kevin Bradley, President of Honor Flight Syracuse.
“We want to provide these families with the knowledge that their family member was honored
with the highest regard and dignity at the appropriate National Memorial in Washington, D.C.
We look forward to recognizing the sacrifices and contributions of these veterans with their
families at the ceremony.”

The special “Flags of Our Heroes” program provides a memorable way for families to honor
veterans posthumously. Individual families submitted a special photo of their veteran ahead of
time to Honor Flight Syracuse, the photos were taken as part of the recent Honor Flight Syracuse
Mission #15 to Washington, DC. The veteran’s photos were then staged and photographed in
front of the appropriate memorial beside an encased American Flag and tribute signage.
At the upcoming recognition ceremony, Honor Flight Syracuse will be providing families with a
memorial certificate along with the remembrance photo taken in Washington, D.C.
The Media may submit any questions to Honor Flight Syracuse by submitting an email to Aiden
McGuire (aidenmcguire@pyramidmg.com).

Honor Flight Syracuse