Mission 004: Accomplished; Mission 005: Cleared for April 25

On October 4, 2014, Honor Flight Syracuse completed its fourth mission. Sixty-three veterans from across CNY traveled to Washington, DC with their comrades and guardians. The o’ dark thirty departure was no trouble for our heroes thanks to dozens of cheery volunteers that helped with check-in and security at the airport. After a warm welcome at DCA, the group spent the morning touring the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam memorials. Witnessing the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery was one of many highlights of the trip. After a stop at the Iwo Jima memorial, HFS also visited the Air Force Memorial for the first time. Just when our veterans thought their day was winding down on the short plane-ride back to Syracuse, they were surprised with a mail-call with dozens of personalized letters from students. Our flight was greeted by our largest crowd to date—hundreds of friends, family, and community members all came out to give our veterans well-deserved welcome home. The 15-hour day was long, but very memorable for our aging veterans.

Mark your calendar for Mission 005 – April 25, 2015. As the urgency to serve our aging veterans grows daily, we’re pleased to share that HFS will charter larger airplanes for our 2015 flights. Up to 80 veterans will travel on each of our upcoming missions. We’re always accepting applications, so please encourage veterans to apply for a future flight (priority is given by age and health). We hope to see you for a big Mission 005 Welcome Home at Hancock Airport on April 25!

Mission #016
Planned: Apr. 30, 2022
Mission #015
Completed: Sep. 25, 2021
Mission #014
Completed: Sep. 28, 2019
Mission #013
Completed: Apr. 27, 2019
Mission #012
Completed: Sep. 29, 2018
Mission #011
Completed: Apr. 28, 2018
Mission #010
Completed: Sep. 30, 2017
Mission #009
Completed: Apr. 29, 2017
Mission #008
Completed: Oct. 1, 2016
Mission #007
Completed: Apr. 30, 2016
Mission #006
Completed: Oct. 3, 2015
Mission #005
Completed: Apr. 25, 2015
Mission #004
Completed: Oct. 4, 2014
Mission #003
Completed: Apr. 5, 2014
Mission #002
Completed: Oct. 5, 2013
Mission #001
Completed: Oct. 6, 2012
Unfortunately veterans cannot choose what flight they will travel on due to medical and logistic issues associated with the flight process. We also encourage veterans from the Rochester and Buffalo area's to visit and register with their local Honor Flight hubs before registering with Syracuse Honor Flight.
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